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Profilo aziendale

La PIANET è un’azienda che si occupa di telecomunicazioni a 360°, con la gestione di tutti i servizi tecnici connessi fino alla realizzazione.

Operiamo prevalentemente sul territorio delle regioni Calabria e Sicilia e ci occupiamo di acquisire nuovi siti per i gestori di telecomunicazioni, della progettazione e della permessistica, delle analisi di impatto elettromagnetico, della cantierizzazione.

Presentazione Pianet

Job Position

Back Office Assistants provide support with daily management tasks for
teams on field. Typical responsibilities of a Back Office Assistant are sorting
the activities, implementing and optimizing procedures, maintaining
planned due dates, scheduling interventions, ordering supplies for teams,
checking and verifing PPE due dates and collaborating with other

TLC Maintenance and Installation Workers verifing and checking that sites
of Customer running ever correctly.
Executing works on field and at height are daily activities and all workers
receives a formation for this.
They work with heating systems by installing ventilation filters for noise or
high temperature issues that might arise on site.
They work also for TLC new site installations, from steel carpentries unitl to
technologies testing.
Back experiences in same activities type are preferred.
Driving license it’s required. Doesn’t required the graduation.

Project assistants perform administrative tasks according to the
instructions of their project managers and ensure smooth communication
between all relevant parties. They are often involved in all project phases,
which results in a broad range of tasks. Apart from the traditional
assistance tasks, such as correspondence and schedule management, their
responsibilities also include project planning and documentation.
• Planning of personnel structures
• Support with the preparation of project plans
• Management of the project office
• Internal and external communication
• Preparation and follow-up of meetings and presentations
• Acting as stand-in for the project manager
• General organisational tasks

It’s required to use AutoCAD, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe PhotoShop and
Microsoft Office (Excel expecially).

Presente al PDay il 23 giugno 2023